Can we blow smoke out of ears?


tt is common to smoke from nose. What about smoke from the ear? Can we blow smoke out of ears? Yes, we can if the eardrum in our ear is rupture.

To know the reason about how smoke can come out from the ear, we should be clear about basic anatomy of ear. Ear is divided into outer, middle and inner ear. Outer ear contains tympanic membrane (eardrum). Middle ear contains ear bones and is continuous with our nasal cavity by Eustachian tube. Inner ear contains  sensory receptors and nerve cell which carry sound energy to the brain for hearing.

structure of earThe Eustachian tube equalizes the pressure between the atmosphere and the middle ear as it is continuous with the nasal cavity, air can easily goes in and out  (middle ear to nasal cavity) but not from the external ear because this time the tympanic membrane is intact( normal). In other words, in this condition if the person try to blow the smoke from ear then the smoke can goes to the middle ear but cannot came out from ear. It will be absorbed in the membrane of the middle ear.

Injury or infection to the ear (mainly middle ear infection) may rupture the tympanic membrane.

Then there will be a continuous pathway from nasal cavity to middle ear to external ear. So, with regular practice with rupture tympanic membrane, one can blow the smoke out of the ear.

Pic source: Amaze Craze and PNG tree


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