If you are really concerned about your health theoretically any exposure to any carcinogen increases the chances of cancer like alcohol for the liver, and processed meat for colon cancer. And the funny thing is if u want to prevent skin cancer, I think you have to get out only at night or on cloudy days to prevent from harmful solar radiation.

Smoking is also considered a carcinogen for many cancers mostly the lungs. Smoking a half pack or pack of cigarettes per day probably somewhat leads to some health consequences. Some may claim that I am a very light smoker maybe 1-4 cigarettes per day. So how much it is safe to smoke 1-4 cigarettes per day?

In one study, a 30-year follow-up done in the age group of 35-49 years (around 24 thousand male and 20 thousand female) who smoke 1-4 cigarettes per day in Norway shows that about 3 people from each sex died from ischemic heart disease like heart attack and about 3 in men and 5 in female died from lung cancer. About 1-2 in number from each sex died from other types of cancer when compared with people who never smoke. So, many of us just find enough enjoyment in smoking knowing its risks. So it’s up to you to decide. You might be lucky may not get any disease related to smoking.

Reference: Tobacco Control


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