Norethisterone is used to postpone the menstrual cycle, may be for beach vacation or for certain occasions. It is taken for certain days then after the stoppage of the medicine the menstrual bleeding starts with in 2-3 days. What if you are pregnant in the same month and unknowingly taken this medicine to postpone the menstrual cycle? In the tablets it might be clearly mentioned that do not take during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is obvious that after knowing this you might be panic.

Norethisterone is types of progesterone hormone that is being produce in the early pregnancy. Progesterone hormone makes your uterus ready for the growing baby, provides the nutrient and stability of the uterus. If you accidently taken this tablet no need to worry you can continue your pregnancy.

Rarely during the first trimester of pregnancy, Norethisterone may be associated with congenital malformation in male and female fetuses and male pattern of characteristics in female fetus. And there is always the option for abnormality scan for a baby at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. So you can be sure that your baby is fine.


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