Sometimes small and small problem in your body irritate you, like the peeling of the skin around the nail . Peeling skin can also be painful, especially when you eat, wash your hands etc. If just certain areas of the finger are affected, then you can use the clean nail cutter and cut up to the margin of the skin from where it is peeling and minimize the discomfort. Some individual might be affected on almost all the fingers and may coincide with other disease condition and need dermatologist consultation. So, what is causing the peeling of the cuticle skin or peeling around your nail?

Here, I have listed some of the major cause:

Environmental factors

Extreme dry and cold weather might trigger the condition. Excessive washing of the hands and prolong exposure to the water is another cause of peeling of the skin near nail. So, those individual who often suffer from this condition should limit the time of exposure in water.

Personal habit

Nail biting, picking of skin around the nails can lead to injury and cause this condition.

Chemical agents

Exposure to chemicals substances like soap, detergents or nail paint can cause an allergic reaction leading to skin irritation and peeling. So, try to stop using any new product and see whether the peeling is due to the chemicals you are using recently.


Sometimes skin peeling alongside soreness and pus could indicate a bacterial infection. Moreover, when the peeling is accompanied with swelling, redness and itching, it can be a symptom of fungal infection.

Underlying health conditions

A certain type of skin disorder or disease can also cause the skin to become dry and peel off.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition which can cause redness, scaling and cracking of skin around the fingers even in and around the nails.

Condition like chronic eczema, atopic dermatitis other skin conditions which can lead to dryness and skin changes.

Apart from skin diseases, lack of certain vitamins and minerals in our body can also contribute to skin peeling. Insufficient intake of Vitamin B, A, E and C can all affect the skin health making it dry, scaly and ragged.

When to worry?

There is no need to be alarmed immediately as cuticle skin damage and peeling is most often due to environmental factors. Home remedies, such as keeping the skin moisturized, and following some preventive measures, can help a lot.


If it is just in limited area you can cut the skin margin with clean nail cutter to minimize the discomfort and add some antiseptic cream over it for rapid healing.

If it is about dry skin, moisturize the hand with cream. Massage the cream well into the nail holes and onto your hands regularly, especially after meals.

Make sure you have enough water to keep the body hydrated. And, at the same time, have a healthy diet.

As external factors are often the major cause of skin peeling, we should avoid overexposure to these agents.

Prolonged sun-exposure can lead to sunburn and ultimately peeling of skin, so always use a good sun-screen on hand and feet.

Bad habits such as nail biting, picking up of cuticles and thumb sucking should be controlled.

Reference: Hindustantimes

Pic: navyugsandesh


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