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What happens if we swallow Bubble gum?

Chewing gum and making bubbles of it during childhood is always fun but sometimes most of us are worried when we accidentally swallow it. There are different myths like it will stay in our digestive system for many years or block your digestive system and will kill you. So what really happen if you accidentally swallow it?

Chewing gum is made out of gum base, sweeteners, colouring and flavouring. The gum base is pretty indigestible – it is a mixture of elastomers, resins, fats, emulsifiers and waxes.

Most of the time, your stomach really cannot break down the gum base part only other parts get digested and absorbed. However, digestive system has the way to deal with things that are not digested fully. The gut just keeps moving them along until they make it all the way through the intestines and come out from the anus. So gum usually ends up in your toilet one to two days later. Even though gum is sticky, it cannot withstand with the power of the gut.

However swallowing a huge amount of gum or many small pieces in a short time can cause a blockage within the digestive system and may lead to serious consequences. So, it is better not to give the gum for young children who are unaware between the candy and gum. Also the frequent use of sugar containing gum may lead to cavity in your teeth. So, it better to use 2-3 pieces a day and if you accidentally swallow one pieces also no need to worry. You can eat another one.

Dr. Sanjay Maharjan, MD
Dr. Sanjay Maharjan, MD
MD in Basic and Clinical Physiology


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