Many of us know that we are free from STD and other urinary tract infection but almost always, there is a period of time after ejaculation (sex or masturbation) that burns urinary tract. The feeling like the burning sensation is located form middle of the penis to the opening. Why does it hurt to pee after masturbation?

This is normal to experience. The urine pH normally is slightly acidic within the range of 5.5 to 7 with an average of 6.2 whereas the pH of semen which is the result of ejaculation is about 7.2-7.8 which is basic in nature. In the male urethra there are the urethral glands (littre gland) that branch off the wall of the urethra that secrete mucus. This secretion protects the urethra against acidic environment of the urine. So, during ejaculation semen swipe away this protective mucus layer and when we immediately urinate, that acidic urine will cause the burning sensation. There do presences the basic nature semen but the flow of urine will wash away that environment and feels pain after urination. So it better to wait for 10-15 min so that the urethral gland will recover its secretion and protect it from burning sensation.

Other cause of burning urination after masturbation (ejaculation) is due to vigorously and lack of knowledge to do proper masturbation that might irritate or injure the tip of the urethra. There will be pain during ejaculation also if the tip of urethral or penis is injured.

Some men do feel pain or irritation of the bladder area after masturbation this is probably due to the fact that there activation of sympathetic nervous system during ejaculation that cause a strong contraction of neck of the bladder muscle that blocks bladder to leak urine or back flow of semen to bladder. If you attempt to urinate too soon after ejaculation, the pain you feel is probably due to the fact that the bladder is slightly weaker after having been blocked off and the attempt to urinate is causing you to feel the weakness and pain at that area.

Management: Use the remaining part of your penis other than the cap while masturbating. Try to urinate before involving in any kind of sexual activities. If you feel to urinate after ejaculation, if can hold for 10-15 min by doing other activities that distract your mind.

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