I guess most of us have some hidden talent to notice from a far distance about our crush. You may notice from the color of their dress, body language, hairstyle, or anything that might have been saved in your memory that your crush used to have.

So when you see one thing which belongs to your crush is in your memory there will be some hormonal surge that activates the sympathetic nervous system; this is the same part of the nervous system activated when you are being chased by wild animals, or when you just safe hitting by your car to baby passed nearby. The effects of this are what someone describes as an adrenaline rush. There will be an increase in your heart rate, some might experience an increase in breathing rate, dryness in your mouth, sweating, and so on. So, I guess many of you who are reading this article might experience the above features.

Activation of the sympathetic nervous system causes pupil dilation (which allows us to take more visual stimuli), and decreases the curve ness of the lens (lens becomes less convex), these changes are normal when we try to see far objects. So this might give you some inborn talent to view someone far more clearly, especially your crush or something which is about your interest. similarly, due to the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, your heart is pumping so fast and your brain is getting enough blood to react to the situation like whether to talk or just to hold for some time or run away to some places so that you can only see your crush. These phenomena are completely natural.

Note: There is Parasympathetic nervous system also that is activated when you are in rest.


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