In the present world of technology one cannot stay away from computers. Most of the works are computer based and people have to stay in front of the screen continuously for a long period of time. This is one of the reasons that give rise to different types of muscular and neurological problems.

Asking somebody to get rid of the computers is definitely not the solution to these problems. Instead, one can incorporate few ergonomics tips in the work style to be able to work more comfortably and safely.


  • Always sit on a comfortable chair with proper back support and adjustable chair height. Maintain the sitting posture in 90-90 position. (Hip and knee bent at 90 degrees)
  • Rest the feet on the foot rest. Never hang your feet.
  • The computer screen should be at the same level to your eyes.
  • Elbow should be bent to 90 degrees and place the wrist on a wrist rest. Shoulder and wrist should be placed in neutral position.
  • The screen should be about one arm distance from the eyes.
  • Always use the computer in adequate lighted room.
  • Take rest frequently. If possible stand up and walk around every 1 hour. Incorporate the rest period with brief stretches.
  • Stretch your body regularly.
  • Use protective goggles to prevent the eyes from damaging. Close your eyes for few minutes in every half an hour.
  • Include aerobic exercises like jogging, walking, swimming, etc. in your lifestyle.
  • Last but not the least, just love your body and see how it loves you back.

ergonomics Ideal position for using the computer
By: Manisha Munikar (Physiotherapist, Kantipur Dental Hospital)

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