Many people might feel of dizziness when they suddenly wake up from certain position. They might be worried like if any hidden disease is in their body. It is very common to feel light headache and dizziness when you wake up from sleeping or sitting position. What is causing you to feel dizziness after you wake up?

There are mainly three reason; decrease blood pressure, decrease blood sugar level and problems in your inner ear (involve in balancing your body). All other causes are directly or indirectly related to above mentioned reasons.

Blood pressure: When you stand up after sleeping or sitting position there is pull of your blood to your legs and abdomen due to gravity that causes decrease in blood volume in your heart to pump causing a transient decrease in blood pressure causing dizziness and this condition is also known as orthostatic hypotension. Around the heart and blood vessel of the neck, there are special cell (baroreceptors ) which scene the blood pressure level in the body for its correction. When decrease in pressure baroreceptors send signals to centers in our brain, which signals heart to beat faster and pump more blood, and also decrease the diameter of the blood vessel finally maintain the blood pressure. Therefore if the baroreceptor is not working properly that might cause dizziness.

Glucose: Brain cell utilize glucose as its main fuel for proper functioning. In extreme condition only it can use energy from fat. If you eat very less diet before sleeping might cause dizziness when wake up due to decrease in glucose level.

Inner ear: There are crystals (canaliths) in inner ears shifting according to the position of the body failure to function normally lead to dizziness and vertigo (feel like your surrounding is moving) such condition may need medical attention.

Common cause of dizziness due to decrease in blood pressure and glucose

Age: Old age baroreceptors cell will work slow so, it will take long time to maintain blood pressure and feel dizziness.

Pregnancy: There is pooling of the blood in the leg and abdomen due to compression of blood vessel by the growing baby that carry back blood to the heart. Finally, that cause decrease in blood volume in the heart then to the brain causing dizziness. Swelling at the leg during pregnancy is common due to pooling of the blood in the leg. Moreover, if pregnant women did not take proper diet that cause the dizziness due to drop in blood sugar level.

Medication: certain medication for deceasing blood pressure as well as blood glucose level.

Alcohol: causes the dehydration and also decrease in blood sugar level causing dizziness.

Heat exposure: prolong exposure to sun lead to dehydration which lowers the blood pressure and cause dizziness.


    • Drink plenty of water when you take alcohol and travelling in sunny day.
    • Wake up slowly if the dizziness is common when you wake up after certain position
    • Use lateral position for pregnant women while sleeping

Pic source: Anxiety Centre


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